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Alexandrite rod

basic information
Product description

Alexandrite (Cr3+:BeAl2O4, chromium-doped beryllium aluminate) is a laser gain material used in solid-state lasers for applications such as dermatology and Lidar, etc. Alexandrite is produced via the Czochralski growth method. It has a thermal shock resistance five times that of Nd:YAG and a wide emission wavelengths typically between 710nm and 800nm – in many cases around 755nm. 

It is possible to make broadly wavelength-tunable lasers based on alexandrite. Alexandrite is anisotropic, the absorption and gain properties strongly depend on the direction of pump light’s polarization. This together with the strong birefringence of the material makes it easy to obtain linearly polarized emission with low depolarization losses.

Material Properties
Formula: Cr3+:BeAl2O4 
Crystal Structure: Orthorhombic
Unit Cell Dimensions (Å)​ 5.476(a) x 9.404(b) x 4.427(c) 
Thermal Expansion (x 10-6 K-1): 5.9(a),  6.1(b),  6.7(c)
Index of Refraction (at 750 nm): 1.7367(a) x 1.7241(b) x 1.7346(c)
Melting Point: 1870 °C 
Vickers Hardness: 2000 kg/mm2
Density: 3.7 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity: 0.23 W/cm•K 
Young's Modulus: 469 GPa 
Thermal Shock Resistance: 35 - 74W/cm 
dn/dT:  8x10-6 K-1


Absorption Curve

●  Laser Medical Devices for Long Pulse , Q-switch or Picosecond  755nm Lasers 
●  Dermatology
●  Lithotripsy
●  Spectroscopy
●  Atmospheric lidar etc.
●  Low threshold, High efficiency
●  High damalge threshold
●  Excellent quality, Competitive price, Fast delivery 
Dimension Tolerance D(+0/-0.05) * L(+1/-0) mm
Scratch/Dig 10/5 Perpendicularity <5'
Parallelism <10" Chips <0.1mm
Flatness λ/10@633nm Clear Aperture ≥98%
Rod Ends 
Option 1: Plano-Plano
Option 2: Convex-Plano
Option 1- Normal : AR@755nm on both ends
Option 2 -Mirror coating: HR@755nm(S1) & PR@755nm(S2)
Damage Threshold > 1.5 Million pulses ( tested by third party)
Standard Products
Dia5x115mm, Dia7x110mm, Dia7x125mm   
Dia6.35x120mm, Dia8x130mm, Dia9.53x117mm  


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